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Bernard Vandeuren
Vandeuren | Los Angeles

Bernard Vandeuren, a native French speaker, founded Vandeuren Galleries in 1999 in Los Angeles with the goal of becoming one of the country’s leading artisans for fine art frames including antique and archival, conservation, reproduction and contemporary custom design frames. Vandeuren is at the top of his profession for his reputation and that fact that he uses old world techniques like carving wood by hand to the application of precious 18K gold paint from France to achieve the perfect frame to complement to each work of art. Afterwards, each work of art is mounted with framing materials that are 100% free from acid and bleach. Even before each project begins, Vandeuren confers with his client and the work of art undergoes a thorough investigation by Vandeuren.

Vandeuren Galleries’ premiere fine art frames benefit from a collaborative effort between Bernard Vandeuren and the paper conservator Lisa Forman of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Vandeuren Galleries is recognized around the world as a dominant force in all categories of museum and fine art framing. Acclaimed international auction houses Christie’s, Bonhams, and Sotheby’s use Vandeuren Galleries for their services and referrals. Private collectors, antiques dealers, galleries, interior designers, decorators and celebrities are also regular clients who turn to Vandeuren to frame their masterpieces, relying on his impeccable attention to detail to create the perfect frame.

Vandeuren Galleries’ first atelier was near the Pacific Design Center. In 2002, Vandeuren’s passion for antiques caused him to fine a larger location and he chose West Hollywood, in the heart of Los Angeles. Located at 7366 Santa Monica Blvd., the charming, sunlight-filled gallery has room for the frame workshops and an ever-changing collection of exceptional, pedigreed fine French and European and rare antiques from the Louis XV, Regency and Beidermeier periods which he imports directly from Europe and sells to collectors, antiques dealers, interior designers and other discriminating clients.

Bernard approaches antiques collecting as if he’s shopping for himself. He and his trusted associates search for amazing finds at auctions and private sales throughout Europe, then he tucks his treasures away in a state-of-the-art secure storage facility. Once his containers are filled with the best of the best, he ships it all to his gallery.

Bernard lives with his husband, famed pastry chef Noubar Yessayan, in Los Angeles and in the south west of France.